Getting up early for a run

Since i’ve decided to join the Men’s Health Run this coming July, I really wanted to get up early around 630 to start my run before dawn and do it again after dawn. That’s my only way of getting fit again. Disappointingly, i havent got into the groove yet, although i woke up early at 650am and was fresh enough but just wanted to lay there on the bed.
Ever since i started this blog, my listed desire was to be discipline & get fit again.
And to monitor my fitness training log i have created & shared a google spreadsheet to track my progress.

And here is my fitness log spreadsheet. I shall have an entry tonight, hope to log in 1 & 1/2 hr of excercise tonight. I lost 2 days of fitness training – darn was eating like a hog for the past 2 days. Lots of catchup to do 😦


Men’s Health Night Run 2010

It’s that time again to test my fitness level. I’m not an avid runner,but just love to keep in shape. Running i must say is the fastest & best way to have a great cardio workout if you are time constraint.  Well everything depends on your intensity of your workout.

But anyway my buddies are into this race as well & i had a poor showing at the other Energizer Night Race that concluded recently. Doing it in 1 hour, while my futsal buddies were easily 8 minutes earlier then me. I didn’t train for it though other then my regular futsal sessions only on Sunday.

Here are the registration details

Mens Health Night Run 2010 – July 31 Saturday

Sponsors include juiceworks, true fitness, reebok, revive, nature’s valley, BIC, Clear & a few more. The goodies should be good stuff. Only finishers within 1 to 75 get a medal i am trying to aim for that.

Since it’s 12.3 KM, i should be aiming to finish within 1 hour.

This time i’ll try my best to stick to a running schedule, found one at the ever popular running site:
Runners World 10 KM programme.

June 1 2010 – Turning Point

Half a year has gone, i hope the second half brings much move joy and discipline to me. I desire to change for the better in all ways.. Being good is hard, being bad is easy….nothing is easy.. the harder the better. Hope to stick on track for this few simple desires of mine:

1. Discipline

2. Get down to 15 % body fat.

3. Eat healthy

4. Drink healthy

5. Excercise regularly, at least 3 times a week.

6. Sleep at least 7 hours daily.

7. Read more

8. Get a new car

9. save more

10. stay humble.