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First Swim in 9 months

Haven’t been swimming a while, yesterday was my first at Bukit Jalil Aquatic Centre. It was a wet night, was there at 8pm which opened till 10pm.
Having a roof over it helps in rainy days, it was a cool swim. NICE !
It’s RM 4 per entry on weekdays.
Opens from 8 to 10 pm, locker facility provided, you will need a TOKEN for it, RM 5 per token which is retrievable after using it. You can keep it for your next visit.
It’s real refreshing to swim there because the water is cooling, the shower facilities has less much to be desired. Good workout overall, will try to increase intensity of training in the coming weeks would like to include an hours run before taking a dip in the future.


Good start 2 June – 5 km run

Consider it a jog, since my average speed was 7.05 Km/h over a distance of 5km. Was feeling abit of strain on the engine 🙂 However enjoyed the sweaty run. Did some minor sprints after the run.
12 push ups – 2 sets
1 chin up – 2 sets
20 leg raise – 2 sets
Was disappointed that i only manage 1 chin up, guess i was out of steam. Usually 2 or 3 after a run is no problem. 3 years back after a run 6 to 8 was easy, sad that i was not consistent over the years. 😦
Anyway as long as i hot on the miles, do the sprints, and the workouts, i should be good to go for 1 hour over a distance of 12.3 km for the night race.
i intend to get a finishers medal to hit top 75.
Albeit my swinging right knee which feels abit out of joint..need a miracle on that.
And my long slight dislocation of right ankle a decade & a half ago.
Should be good to go, need a good showing this time.
Just registered for the race at Olympic Council of Malaysia – Second Floor, along Jalan Hang Jebat
RM 40 for the race. The online registration does not seem to work i heard, and doing manually saves you RM 4.
Here’s my receipt no.88 ..nothing about that number

Getting up early for a run

Since i’ve decided to join the Men’s Health Run this coming July, I really wanted to get up early around 630 to start my run before dawn and do it again after dawn. That’s my only way of getting fit again. Disappointingly, i havent got into the groove yet, although i woke up early at 650am and was fresh enough but just wanted to lay there on the bed.
Ever since i started this blog, my listed desire was to be discipline & get fit again.
And to monitor my fitness training log i have created & shared a google spreadsheet to track my progress.

And here is my fitness log spreadsheet. I shall have an entry tonight, hope to log in 1 & 1/2 hr of excercise tonight. I lost 2 days of fitness training – darn was eating like a hog for the past 2 days. Lots of catchup to do 😦