Good start 2 June – 5 km run

Consider it a jog, since my average speed was 7.05 Km/h over a distance of 5km. Was feeling abit of strain on the engine 🙂 However enjoyed the sweaty run. Did some minor sprints after the run.
12 push ups – 2 sets
1 chin up – 2 sets
20 leg raise – 2 sets
Was disappointed that i only manage 1 chin up, guess i was out of steam. Usually 2 or 3 after a run is no problem. 3 years back after a run 6 to 8 was easy, sad that i was not consistent over the years. 😦
Anyway as long as i hot on the miles, do the sprints, and the workouts, i should be good to go for 1 hour over a distance of 12.3 km for the night race.
i intend to get a finishers medal to hit top 75.
Albeit my swinging right knee which feels abit out of joint..need a miracle on that.
And my long slight dislocation of right ankle a decade & a half ago.
Should be good to go, need a good showing this time.
Just registered for the race at Olympic Council of Malaysia – Second Floor, along Jalan Hang Jebat
RM 40 for the race. The online registration does not seem to work i heard, and doing manually saves you RM 4.
Here’s my receipt no.88 ..nothing about that number


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