Getting up early for a run

Since i’ve decided to join the Men’s Health Run this coming July, I really wanted to get up early around 630 to start my run before dawn and do it again after dawn. That’s my only way of getting fit again. Disappointingly, i havent got into the groove yet, although i woke up early at 650am and was fresh enough but just wanted to lay there on the bed.
Ever since i started this blog, my listed desire was to be discipline & get fit again.
And to monitor my fitness training log i have created & shared a google spreadsheet to track my progress.

And here is my fitness log spreadsheet. I shall have an entry tonight, hope to log in 1 & 1/2 hr of excercise tonight. I lost 2 days of fitness training – darn was eating like a hog for the past 2 days. Lots of catchup to do 😦


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