Men Are Like Trees – I Choose to be a Fit Tree

Men’s Health Night Run 2010


It’s that time again to test my fitness level. I’m not an avid runner,but just love to keep in shape. Running i must say is the fastest & best way to have a great cardio workout if you are time constraint.  Well everything depends on your intensity of your workout.

But anyway my buddies are into this race as well & i had a poor showing at the other Energizer Night Race that concluded recently. Doing it in 1 hour, while my futsal buddies were easily 8 minutes earlier then me. I didn’t train for it though other then my regular futsal sessions only on Sunday.

Here are the registration details

Mens Health Night Run 2010 – July 31 Saturday

Sponsors include juiceworks, true fitness, reebok, revive, nature’s valley, BIC, Clear & a few more. The goodies should be good stuff. Only finishers within 1 to 75 get a medal i am trying to aim for that.

Since it’s 12.3 KM, i should be aiming to finish within 1 hour.

This time i’ll try my best to stick to a running schedule, found one at the ever popular running site:
Runners World 10 KM programme.