Smoking Toddler 2 year old

It’s big internet news for this toddler from Indonesia, i dont think any parents would be proud of it. Sad state of affair though
From The Sun


Swimming is Good

Been swimming this Monday & Wednesday, really felt refreshed after the swim and in the morning when i woke up. Also it eases on the joints & nerves, i prefer to swim the breast stroke aka frog style as it’s what i am best at. However i find freestyle really helps built the deltoids.
Bukit Jalil Aquatic Centre is a good choice as it’s always swimmable rain or shine as it has a roof above it.

Reducing Intake of Seafood

Below is an article by BusinessWeek to inform the Malaysian public to reduce intake of Seafood as we Malaysians are only second to Japan in seafood consumption. An excerpt as per article ” Consumers have also been asked to reduce consumption of red snappers, sea cucumbers, flower crab and tiger prawn.”
It’s a sad state of affair..i love all those above mentioned. Will miss them, or stuff with them now before the price increase 🙂

First Swim in 9 months

Haven’t been swimming a while, yesterday was my first at Bukit Jalil Aquatic Centre. It was a wet night, was there at 8pm which opened till 10pm.
Having a roof over it helps in rainy days, it was a cool swim. NICE !
It’s RM 4 per entry on weekdays.
Opens from 8 to 10 pm, locker facility provided, you will need a TOKEN for it, RM 5 per token which is retrievable after using it. You can keep it for your next visit.
It’s real refreshing to swim there because the water is cooling, the shower facilities has less much to be desired. Good workout overall, will try to increase intensity of training in the coming weeks would like to include an hours run before taking a dip in the future.

Over the Weekend

Was a rather disappointing weekend, as usual wanted to do some physical activity in the early morning,but was dampen by the morning rain. – Excuses.
Finally changed to 019 Celcom, pretty nice & easy to remember number.
Did 1 hour futsal on Saturday
2 hours futsal on Sunday.
On Sunday’s futsal i was feeling all of sorts, felt like i weighed a tonne, the belly fat was the main culprit. I really said to myself that’s it for fatty foods. Will need to eat some oil less stuff.
Bought a bag of Nesvita & Horlicks to help in my diet plan, will not eat solid lunch on my church days. Hope to drop a few kilos in this month of June.

Switching to 019 Celcom

Have been thinking a while to get my own line, i’m currently on a maxis sub line & it has been barred as my sis did not pay the bills.
I am considering a switch to Celcom Exec 50 as my colleague & friends commented, Celcom does have a wider coverage especially in the rural areas, i need those extra coverage as sometimes i do venture out of the urban landscape for my healthy living activities, i.e: cycling, slow drive, picnic.
And their promotions & pricings are much better then the rest of the network. Plus it gives you one month free broadband, which i would love to free my Nokia E71 on the vast universe of the internet.
Might take up the rewards as offered
Insurance Coverage

Good start 2 June – 5 km run

Consider it a jog, since my average speed was 7.05 Km/h over a distance of 5km. Was feeling abit of strain on the engine 🙂 However enjoyed the sweaty run. Did some minor sprints after the run.
12 push ups – 2 sets
1 chin up – 2 sets
20 leg raise – 2 sets
Was disappointed that i only manage 1 chin up, guess i was out of steam. Usually 2 or 3 after a run is no problem. 3 years back after a run 6 to 8 was easy, sad that i was not consistent over the years. 😦
Anyway as long as i hot on the miles, do the sprints, and the workouts, i should be good to go for 1 hour over a distance of 12.3 km for the night race.
i intend to get a finishers medal to hit top 75.
Albeit my swinging right knee which feels abit out of joint..need a miracle on that.
And my long slight dislocation of right ankle a decade & a half ago.
Should be good to go, need a good showing this time.
Just registered for the race at Olympic Council of Malaysia – Second Floor, along Jalan Hang Jebat
RM 40 for the race. The online registration does not seem to work i heard, and doing manually saves you RM 4.
Here’s my receipt no.88 ..nothing about that number